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Technical Tips – Binding Post

Installing the CablePod™

  • The CablePod® can be used as a dual-gang unit supplied, or as individual units by removing the mounting plate. The dual-gang unit is designed to fit amplifier metal work or a loudspeaker terminal plate with a thickness of between 1mm — 10mm.


  • Drill or punch 2 holes 12.7mm (1/2 inch) diameter spaced 19mm (3/4 inch) between centers.
  • When installing into 11mm holes on 19mm (3/4 inch) centers, trim the spacing lugs on the rear of the mounting plate to suit.
  • Position the CablePod™ with the Red terminal (+) on the right hand side (when facing the knobs) to conform to industry standards.
  • Install locking washer and nut to secure the CablePod™ to panel.


  • We recommend the use of an 80-Watt soldering iron with a broad tip that offers fast transfer of heat. To assist the conduction of heat – tin your iron i.e. melt a small amount of solder on the tip.
  • Apply heat to the items you are soldering, and then apply the solder. The solder should always melt and flow easily. If not, your iron may not be sufficiently hot.
  • Tin the wire. Then tin the solder platform on each contact element.
  • Finally, bring the wire in contact with the solder platform — and apply heat to generate solder flow. Once the solder has flowed over the joint, remove the heat. To prevent melting of the polymer thread, we recommend inserting a metal banana plug (and a length of attached cable if possible) in the hollow aperture while soldering. The banana plug and cable will act as a heat sink.
  • We recommend the use of Eichmann Bayonet Plug (banana) connectors as the ideal partner for the CablePod®.

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