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KLEI zPurity8 AC power cable by John Ransley (Totally Wired)

KLEI zPurity8 AC power cable by John Ransley (Totally Wired)

The KLEI™zPurity8 AC mains cable

Seldom does a single product, let alone a 1 metre long power cable make you ask fundamental questions about what you do and why.

While I intentionally limit my writing to talking about a specific product or model that I’d like to think of is interest to you, we are all affected by what happens in the wider world and this will inevitably feed in to how we look at our choices.

I’ll admit to having a strong aversion to the metastatic capitalism that is consuming the world. Money and shallow celebrity dominate, inequality is taken to extremes and short term, self-centred thinking trumps the greater good and environment.

Yet here I am, about to make the case for a NZ$1800 power cable that I know full well, most people would never consider, let alone afford. Can you start to see the dilemma?

So, let’s take this back a step or two and get back on topic – Totally Wired has always been about finding better ways to enjoy your music – everyone has different tastes and circumstances so a one-size-fits-all approach is never going to work. But because you are reading this I can make some reasonable assumptions. You’re literate, you’re at the very least curious as to how you make your system sound better in a cost effective manner. I don’t know what type of music might spin your particular wheels but I do know what I can hear and from the feedback I get from clients it’s obvious that this is consistent with what you are going to hear…. READ MORE >>

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  1. Realize the Organic Realness in the Musical experience, with KLEI 🙂

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