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KLEI zPurity8 AC power cable by Adam Cormack (Eden Audio)

KLEI zPurity8 AC power cable by Adam Cormack (Eden Audio)

Moving on to the cables… lets ignore the price and concentrate on how I, yes me the listener, thinks this cable sounds. I actually think it has quite a distinctive sonic character and the more you turn the wick up on your amplifier the more that sonic character shines through and I find the sound to be extremely focused. Sometimes when we listen to our favourite music the sonic picture can sound a bit fuzzy or blurred, but with the KLEI™zPurity8 AC power cable it’s very well defined and everything sounds very well focused. It’s just like when you take a photo, if you don’t set your camera up correctly, such as the focus point is in the wrong place or the shutter speed is wrong or the camera and lenses are not stable, you get a blurry image. Here the KLEI™zPurity8 AC power cable, to me, sounds beautifully in focus, crisp, sharp, you couldn’t ask for more in this area. Listen to the ‘Art of Noise’ and their single ‘Close to the Edge’ you really can hear each individual instrument in its own space. Moving on the ‘The Selecter’ and ‘Cool blue Lady’, you can clearly hear the lead guitar to the left, rhythm in the middle, and bass to the right, with Pauline Blacks vocals dead bang in the centre, it’s a great listen! Vocals are extremely easy to pinpoint and realistic with again great clarity and definition.

For me where this cable excels, is from the midrange upwards, because it is just so clean and pure… READ MORE >>

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  1. Realize the Organic Realness in the Musical experience, with KLEI 🙂

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