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KLEI zPurity ICs & SCs by John Ransley (Totally Wired)

KLEI zPurity ICs & SCs by John Ransley (Totally Wired)

Making your music sound much better – the flagship zPurity range of cables from KL (Keith Louis Eichmann).

Just 18 months ago we did a comprehensive review of what was the best analogue interconnect cable we’d heard – the KLEI™gZero20 ICs. The conclusion we came to still bears repeating…

  • Not only are they highly likely to be the greatest improvement you’ll make for the amount spent but you’ll also gain more from all the other parts of your system – we’ve gained a new appreciation of the fidelity possible from our turntable, amplifier and speakers and are actually happier with them and now less likely to make component changes than we would have been otherwise. They improved on every aspect of performance and often in a substantial way.

That it has been possible to better this standard with not just one, but a range of 3 new interconnects and a speaker cable, is quite remarkable. Keith Eichmann is a uniquely talented designer and while we would have been perfectly happy to have continued with the gZero20 ICs for several years, the performance of these new cables needs to be heard…. READ MORE >>

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  1. Realize the Organic Realness in the Musical experience, with KLEI 🙂

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