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KLEI™Pure Harmony plugs by Matej Isak (Mono&Stereo)

KLEI™Pure Harmony plugs by Matej Isak (Mono&Stereo)

The next generation Eichmann Bullet plug design

There is no resting of the mind when it comes to high-end audio cables. There are many start on the sky of audiophile cable inventory universe, but luckily there is always some uprising star with that lights up our audio horizon.

Vintage cable Chisto Das Klang are remarkable candidates for retro-future high-end audio cable award. They a made from the limited old stack of aged copper and the tone they bring is something really special. As next step of upgrade Walter Kircher and Yuri Zamazeev, CEO of Chisto tried to upgrade Chisto cables to Walter favourite connector – Silver Bullet Plugs. Results were of quite a difference. When Mono & Stereo received the KLEInnovations(KLEI) Pure®Harmony RCA plugs – the pure silver flagship version our collaborate minds got curious to the top. Their design changed a bit. Signal, ground pins are now symmetrical with few other interesting takes… KLEI Harmony®Plug


From KLEI Website: “The Signal/Ground pins are now much stronger and now shaped like tags, which makes soldering small/large/multiple conductor wires to them, very easy“.

  • YES, 100% true, much easier to assemble, no stress anymore… we can confirm.

The Sound

As Walter is very used to the Silver Bullet plugs and he chose them as the technically best sounding connectors. When paired with Chisto cables there produced extremely natural sound with perfect body and warmth through the entire audio range. As big surprise, the new KLEI Pure®Harmony plugs bettered them in every aspect. All technical HiFi aspects improved nicely using the stand out Chisto/Das Klang RCA interconnect cables.

Walter though on Chisto

  • The Chisto/Das Klang IC series belong to the very best, have an attractive price point, and are packed in an attractive Italian leather case.

KLEI Pure®Harmony plug vs Silver Bullet plug

With the KLEI Pure®Harmony plug the sound stage opened up, the intimate power connection was increased, and there is more resolution. At the same time Walter compared and listened to his preferred opera tracks where the body and corpus grew and became more expansive and there was a more recognised musical warmth from the ground up. Regardless of improved resolution the music flow was even more extended. The KLEI Pure®Harmony plug brought changes that introduced an even more intimate/involving connection with the music.

When used as digital interconnect between Accustic Arts Streamer ES and Tube DAC II MK2 DAC sonic results were almost the same. As usual I personally preferred 1.5m length over 1.0m length, which added more naturalness and authority.

Chisto Das Klang RCA cables are as special name their name. RCA interconnects with Vintage DNA are the unique breed but sadly not available in large quantity as the raw material used for cables is highly limited.


It was an interesting to hear first the Silver Bullet Plug and then the KLEI Harmony®Plug at Mono&Stereo HQ’s on Walter’s visit. Its quite intriguing how much difference a single connector can make and how it affects the sound. The step up was all in the manner of better Presentation (Timbre, Decay, Stage, Blackness, and Space), Pace and Grip (PRAT) and the Music was instantly reproduced more effortlessly.


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