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KLEI gPower2 AC power cable by SU

KLEI gPower2 AC power cable by SU

I’m not a believer in after market power cables! Any good quality cable, that fits securely and is in good condition should get the job done. Depending on the time of day, surely fluctuations in AC power supply can be a more significant contributor to audio sound quality.

So in spite of these steadfast convictions I decided to slip in some KLEI™gPower2 AC cables just to see if I could hear anything, that could make me change my mind.

Initially, I thought “yeah”, they were good but what did they do that my other “good” quality cables didn’t do. On my normal review tracks I was struggling to find something. Others in the room started gushing about detail and transients and musicality. I nodded and tried to listen harder and harder.
It was becoming a strain.

Then, by chance I decided to play Love Stuff by Elle King. This CD has a strong blues and rock influence on pop songs that radio stations like to play. A gamble purchase that I liked, for the first 4 or 5 tracks of grungy guitar driven beats, overpowered by snarling vocals. The next few acoustic banjo tracks with pure vocals. An album of contrasts, but an album that I could not listen to for too long as the revealing nature of my system highlighted the distortion and glare, that frankly hurt my ears. Until now…

The KLEI™gPower2 AC cables seemed to tame Elle’s unique production values, of Where the Devil Don’t Go. And, it wasn’t a smoothing or a loss of detail, it was more a balancing of each component, allowing it to resolve and deliver what I think, was intended. I could be wrong about that, but it would have been my intention to deliver a flowing production.

The grit was still there, but it was cleaner and less distorted. It was as though every piece in the chain, suddenly just started working better. This proved the same for the next track, Ex’s and Oh’s, it didn’t transform into an audiophile demo track, but it showed what no other power cable in my system has been able to do.

That is PRaF (Pace, Rhythm and Flow) which is a slightly more evolved version of PRaT and something these power cables allow your system, and the music you play, to show.

A good cable gets out of the way and lets the components work to their ultimate ability. Pace and Rhythm provide the foundation for quality audio production and pace and rhythm are timing and these elements draw you in, hook you and deliver the peaks and troughs that let you see the gaps and the instruments individually.

Flow is the organic sweep of the sound, that picks you up and floats around you with textures and timbre that creates the beauty and the connection that, those of us seek when upgrading components and cables.

Another distorted offering by Toby Keith, Whisky Girl, the live version that has a blaring brass section, that usually made me cringe was cued up and again the system seemed to just shift into overdrive. The volume was tickled and the music flowed.

More contemporary audiophile numbers were brought to the altar and these by now were just sublime. Because, as with all KLEI products, they benefit from settling time. The purity of vocals and the bass definition reached new heights. The resolving power of my system got better and better. Not clinical, no glare, no overt detail, just purity and cohesive balance and texture, in harmony.

I’m now a believer in power cables. One caveat, I might add is that there does seem to be a synergy, when two or three of these cables are put into the chain. An ethereal balance that doesn’t cost that much, when compared to some of the other cables that I have tried, that didn’t turn me into a believer… SU 🙂 🙂 🙂


  • Source: AudioLab 8200 CD player and PSAudio Direct Stream DAC
  • Analogue: ProJect Extension 10 Triangle Art Zeus cartridge Conrad Johnson Phono stage
  • Pre amp: Conrad Johnson ET5
  • Amplifier: Audio Analogue Donizetti Cento (modified), Weston Acoustic 300b mono blocks
  • Speakers: 3 way horn system

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  1. Realize the Organic Realness in the Musical experience, with KLEI 🙂

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