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>> KLEI QPURITY8 SCs (Quiesce) Reviews & Testimonys

>> KLEI Reviews & Testimonys


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John Ransley, Totally Wired 🙂

The KLEI™QFLOW2 SCs are the new entry level, fitted with the Classic Harmony banana – they sound sweet and open.

The KLEI™QFLOW3 SCs replace and outperform the similarly priced KLEI™gZERO6 SCs – so don’t let the numbering system confuse you. Fitted with KLEI™PureQ Harmony bananas and refined conductor architecture, you’re getting a big improvement.

The KLEI™QFLOW7 SCs produce greater scale and have even better bass performance and dynamics – these are now our go-to SCs for most systems.

The KLEI™QPURITY8 SCs, it is hard to imagine anything better than the KLEI™QPURITY8 SCs – I have played with more costly cables with seriously over engineered terminations and buckets of audio glitz, but none have approached what the best of the KLEI cables do – the music simply flows out of these in a way that allows you to hear the very best of what your amplifiers and speakers are capable of. In the past I baulked at the idea of carrying cables at this price level in stock. But given the price equivalency of these to the KLEI™zPURITY88 ICs which I have no hesitation in recommending, it has become a bit of a no-brainer to have these.

When the speaker cables arrived from Australia, our listening was done with the following cables connected to my high-end system; KLEI™QPURITY∞∞∞ ICs, KLEI™QPURITY∞∞∞ AC/PC, and KLEI™QPURITY8 SCs.

The main purpose of this test and review is to evaluate the KLEI™QPURITY8 SCs vs Chord Music SCs. Another purpose is to see if KLEI’s SCs meet my expectations switching SCs. The main reason may be (is) that KLEI’s QPURITY8 SCs are almost “weightless” and can work superbly with my stand mounted speakers, Focal Sopra No1, while the Chord Music SCs are heavy and therefore become curved at the speaker inputs. Of course, the sound should be at least on par with Chord Music SCs.

Comment; The Chord Music SCs that I have are 2 x 2.75m. The Chord Music SCs are fantastic audio cables and Chord’s top of the line speaker cables.

If you have read our previous reviews then I don’t have to re-peat all the superlatives but do it anyway (you may well over-look any repetitions);
– Realism on a high level
– Dynamics of the highest class
– Absolutely the best possible background blackness
– High level of detail
– Very good separation applies not only to male and female voices but also the various instruments are separated in an excellent way and thus the music is even more “airy” and transparent
– Bass instruments displayed good stop and control
– Playing of stringed instruments, such as piano and guitar, resonate longer which we felt and experienced in a positive way.

So it should be added that our experience of listening has meant that the music played is experienced with great openness and exactly as it was recorded. Probably our extremely positive experience depends on KLEI’s products throughout the signal chain.

The duel between QPURITY8 SCs and Chord Music SCs regarding the quality of the sound we believe ended the draw, both cables work great in the system. Sure, there are advantages to each, but the biggest advantage is awarded to QPURITY8 SCs and then with the lower price (not low but significantly lower than Chord Music SCs).

All cables tested so far are highly recommended (see also previous reviews). It is possible to choose from KLEI’s cable range, from the very affordable entry cables to the top of the line signature cables, and they are very affordable when compared to other cable manufacturers’ corresponding models!

After listening to all of KLEI’s various cables, we are very impressed with Keith Louis’s “engineering”. Here there are no thick or twisted cables with metal connectors. The secret to his so “modestly” manufactured cables (read; thin and then mainly the speaker cable) is his great focus on connectors (where the connectors on several of the best cables, can not be bought separately). As we understand it, “every” cable series regarding signal cables has “its” connector and there are 6 variants to buy separately and at least 5 variants intended for different series, for example, the signal cable QPURITY∞∞∞ ICs has been assigned to the PerfectQ Harmony plug/connector.

In the name of fairness, it should be pointed out that Chord also has a great focus on connectors and their latest innovation is the Ohmic connector, which will be installed as standard on all new Chord speaker cables (also possible to get Ohmic connectors via upgrade).

Conclusion; our experience of all tested KLEI cables is that the cables are “outstanding cables” (read; without competition when both price and quality are taken into account).

My system; Symphonic Line RG 10 Mk4 Reference HD Master (also praised by Rolf Gemein for his excellent amplifiers), Hegel Mohican (CD), Clearudio Performance DC, Naim streamer and Naim Uniti Core (ripper) and Focal Sopra No1.

Music that we listened to;
Melody Gardot – My one and only thrill
Norah Jones – Come away with me
Peter LeMarc – LeMarc sjunger LeMarc
John Holm – Guldkorn

Tim Nilsson-Böös (vid pennan) tillsammans med hifi kamraten Christer, Sundsvall/Sverige, 6 november 2019 🙂 🙂 🙂

… We arrived at the dealers place and fired up the system. It sounded fine – but I had the strange feeling the new KLEI™QPURITY8 SCs would be way ahead of the Chord SCs that were there. The Chord SCs were the first to go and in went the KLEI™QPURITY8 SCs. Big difference! The sound more analogue like, greater detail, the sound stage widened and depth increased, and the system was now sounding sweet.

Other KLE cables were then plugged into the system but since this is about the KLEI™QPURITY8 SCs I will not talk about what the other cables did. Suffice to say, once the other KLE cables were placed in the system, it simply let the KLEI™QPURITY8 SCs shine further. It was now the best system I have ever heard – period – and I have heard quite a few.

The dramatic sound improvement was simply a result of the KLE cables – nothing else.

After the above listening session, I again called into the dealer later who wanted to listen again now that the cables had burned in and settled more. I will not say the exact blue words used – something along the lines of holly f***. It was simply stunning – these are the only words I can use. The sound stage, depth, organic wholeness, and detail were now at levels I have never heard before. The KLEI™QPURITY8 SCs are simply that good… BH 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Experience a new dimension of Musical sound through the organic Realness/Rightness of KLEI Cables and Connectors 🙂

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