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KLEI QPURITY∞∞∞ ICs (Symphony)

KLEI QPURITY∞∞∞ ICs (Symphony)

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Note/Before shipping, preparation time is required for cable construction, cooking/burnin (optional), and QA processes.


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The Symphony version highlights the performance of the KLEI™QPURITY∞∞∞ ICs, in that the KLEI™QPURITY ICs (Symphony) display a Symphony feel/character with a real, organic, natural, riveting, and engaging presentation.

The following quote is from the many reports that we have received…

… The cable is a fantastic/brilliant audio interconnect, which when compared to other well-known brands’ top models is a very affordable cable with high quality.

Voices, both female and male, are separated from the music in an exquisite way. It allows us (me and my listening companion Christer), as listeners, to hear and discern details that we have not previously heard. The background is very black and quiet.

Other assessments are; transparent, clear definition (such as great rhythm of the instruments), not noisy or edgy or tizzy, controlled bass, and very good dynamics regardless of sound level.

QPURITY∞∞∞ ICs is an interconnect cable that I can highly recommend for its high quality and value for money. It is today my best cable, in fierce competition with other cables such as the Chord Sarum T ICs, etc.

KLEI’s cables are flexible (in Swedish = smidiga/”böjbara”/flexibla) and equipped with better connectors than other cables I own, have owned, or tested.

Finally, we have had difficulty finding the right words (superlatives) for the excellent KLEI QPURITY∞∞∞ ICs. With many additional hours of playing music (cable burnin time), and much more listening, this already exquisite cable gets better and better!!… Tim & Christer 🙂 🙂 🙂

Approach: The KLEI™QSeries architectures, like the GZSeries™ architectures, dynamically works to further, and even more effectively, maintain a zero voltage Low Noise/Ground state, which is utilised and implemented, in a manner…

  • to further dynamically enhance electron flow in the Signal conductor.
  • to further protect the Signal from capacitive, inductive, EMF, EF, EFI, RF, static charges, and other effects.
  • to further facilitate a smooth uninterrupted signal flow from one component to another, effectively isolating and allowing them to perform their task without interference.


  • KLEI™PERFECTQ Harmony plugs
  • KL’s QPURITY™ Architecture/Technology
  • KL’s QPURITY™ Signal/Ground Formula

Recommendations: depending on the audio system…

  • Burn-in Time: >750hrs and preferably >950hrs
  • Settling Time: >96hrs and preferably >120hrs (once unplugged and replugged)

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  1. Realize the Organic Realness in the Musical experience, with KLEI 🙂

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