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Note… preparation time is required for cable construction, cooking/burnin (optional), and QA processes.


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>> KLEI Reviews & Testimonys


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KL’s new Truth version of the KLEI™QPURITY & KLEI™QFLOW range of cables are a further extension and development of the Quiesce versions where the Truth versions perform to an even higher level which we consider to be a very special achievement, indeed.

Just how much better will the KLEI™QPURITY/Truth range be than the KLEI™QFLOW/Truth range will be dependent on your system components, system setup, your ears, and your listening space!

Like all excellent cables they need to be treated like a component, will require burnin, and even after 500 hours of burnin they will continue to improve with playtime. So be sure you give them adequate Settling Time and Burnin/Cooking Time.

The KLEI™QPURITY/Truth range of cables don’t simply improve on dynamics, imaging, clarity, etc, but that they also provide an astonishing level of refinement which allows a system to convey an exceptionally musical, real, right, natural, and organic performance.

Now, the Truth versions have arrived… KLEI™QFLOW4/Truth, QFLOW7/Truth, and QPURITY∞∞∞/Truth ICs. With the KLEI QSeries ICs the Cable architecture is a very significant contributor, but it should be noted that the KLEI Harmony RCA plugs are also a significant contributor, to the superior sound quality of the KLEI QSeries ICs.

The KLEI™Harmony RCA plugs were introduced in December 2013 and from that time these RCA plugs have made a significant and repeatable improvement to the sound quality of all RCA connections. The magnitude of the upgrade made when used in place of other RCA plugs, was compelling. Even more compelling is that the SilverQ, AbsoluteQ, and PerfectQ versions are used with KLEI QSeries cables.

The KLEI™QFLOW4/Truth ICs replace the KLEI™QFLOW3/Quiesce ICs, fitted with KLEI™SilverQ Harmony RCA plugs, and fine tuning of the modeled architecture.

The KLEI™QFLOW7/Truth ICs produce greater scale, have even better bass performance and dynamics, fitted with KLEI™AbsoluteQ Harmony RCA plugs, and a further fine tuning of the modeled architecture.

The KLEI™QPURITY∞∞∞/Truth ICs, it is hard to imagine anything better than the KLEI™QPURITY∞∞∞/Truth ICs – I have played with more costly cables with seriously over engineered terminations and buckets of audio glitz, but none have approached what the best of the KLEI cables do – the music simply flows out of these in a way that allows you to hear the very best of what your system is capable of. In the past I balked at the idea of carrying cables at this price level in stock but I have no hesitation in recommending these… John Ransley, Totally Wired 🙂


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  1. Experience a new dimension of Musical sound through the organic Realness/Rightness of KLEI Cables and Connectors 🙂

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