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KLEI QPURITY∞∞∞ AC power cable

KLEI QPURITY∞∞∞ AC power cable

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Note/Before shipping, preparation time is required for cable construction, cooking/burnin (optional), and QA processes.


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The III/Triple Infinity version highlights the performance of the KLEI™QPURITY AC power cable, in that the KLEI™QPURITY∞∞∞ AC power cable displays a real, organic, natural, riveting, and engaging presentation.

The following quote is from the many reports that we have received…

When the cables arrived from Australia, our first listening was the combination of the QPURITY∞∞∞ ICs and QPURITY∞∞∞ AC/PC. If you have read our previous reviews I do not have to repeat all the superlatives BUT I can add the following…

  • Even better background blackness and even better separation.
  • This applies not only to male and female voices, but also the various instruments which are excellently separated. Thus the music is even more airy and even more transparent.
  • It should also be added that our experience of listening has meant that the played music is experienced with great openness and exactly as it was recorded.

Although, we are not sure if this is solely due to the excellent power cable or combination, that is giving the big performance lift/improvement? I think I know that with KLEI´s cables throughout the signal chain, I will achieve my ultimate system.

May be that our review does not fully give a fair judgment (read; deserves additional superlatives) because we have restrained in our impressions/views of our experience but the thing is that the cables are outstanding cables (read; without competition when both price and quality are taken into account)… Tim & Christer 🙂 🙂 🙂

Approach: The KLEI™QSeries architectures, like the GZSeries™ architectures, works and endeavours…

  • to simultaneously and dynamically protect the Live conductor from Power Supply pulse surges, Hysteresis loss, Capacitive, Inductive, EMF, EF, EFI, RF, and Static effects and maintain a low noise, but responsive, AC flow.
  • to facilitate a smooth uninterrupted AC flow to the component, allowing it to perform its designed task more efficiently and without interference.


  • KL’s spec’d IEC and EU/Schuko or US plugs
  • KL’s QPURITY™ Technology/Architecture
  • KL’s QPURITY™ Live/Neutral/Ground Formula

Recommendations: depending on the audio system…

  • Burn-in Time: >200hrs and even >300hrs
  • Settling Time: >1hr and preferably >24hrs (once unplugged and replugged)

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  1. Realize the Organic Realness in the Musical experience, with KLEI 🙂

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