1/KLEI™Classic Harmony RCA Socket

1/KLEI™Classic Harmony RCA Socket


>> 1/KLEI™Classic Harmony RCA Socket Reviews & Testimonys

>> KLEI Reviews & Testimonys


>> KLEI Story

Wow KL, you have done it again!

The KLEI™Classic Harmony RCA socket had me glued to my listening chair. I kept on listening for hours. The system now has sophistication, involvement.

The vocals were the first thing that jumped out. So real, so beautiful, so organic, and this is occurring in and with all registers of the human voice. I was now hearing the deep, ie gut, chest tone in the voices.

The piano had lost it harshness and became natural and wonderful. When the sustain pedal was used, the timbrel/harmonic decay could be heard for each note struck/hit.

Overall high performer, Amazing achievement!… PRB 🙂 🙂 🙂


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One comment

  1. Experience a new dimension of Musical sound through the organic Realness/Rightness of KLEI Cables and Connectors 🙂

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