KLEI™Absolute Harmony Plug

KLEI™Absolute Harmony Plug

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KLEI Absolute Harmony (Bullet) Plug


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Steve Reeve, reviewer for Fine Art, has the following to say about the Absolute Harmony (Bullet) Plug:

‘So, why would you use the KLEI Absolute Harmony plug, as opposed to the Pure Harmony plug, or Silver Harmony plug or Copper Harmony plug?

I use the KLEI Absolute Harmony plug because currently, I believe there is no other RCA plug capable of performing to the same level.

However, as with everything in life, one’s budget can be a deciding factor, so the Harmony Range provides an RCA solution to fit several budgets. The Copper Harmony plug is an excellent performer and each successive model extends the abilities of its predecessor to provide a musical performance of the highest calibre.

So, there you have it!’

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  1. Realize the Organic Realness/Rightness in the Musical experience, with KLEI 🙂

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