KLEI™Perfect22 Harmony RCA Plug

KLEI™Perfect22 Harmony RCA Plug


>> KLEI™Perfect Harmony RCA Plug Reviews & Testimonys

>> KLEI Reviews & Testimonys


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As indicated in the Brochure and Technical Summary… KL’s proprietary mathematical modeling is utilised to determine the KLEI™Perfect Harmony RCA Plugs ground to signal pin relationship and their parameters, and the proprietary metallurgical processes that are used. The conductive pins incorporate highly conductive materials, such as copper and silver, which are the purest and highest conducting forms of copper and silver that we are aware of. You are welcome to use the term ‘Plating’ but we call our metallurgical processes a ‘Layering’ process as determined by the proprietary mathematical modeling.

>> The following link is STEREO’s German & English review of the KLEI™zPURITY888 ICs which utilised the KLEI Perfect Harmony RCA Plugs

Also perhaps, you can think of the KLEI Perfect Harmony RCA Plug like the TDA1541, TDA1541A, TDA1541A/S1 (single crown), TDA1541A/S2 (double crown) DAC Chipset (1985~1995). Where the TDA1541A is slightly better sounding than the TDA1541 but the S1 and S2 versions are the best sounding, especially the S2 version. Much has been written about TDA1541/A DAC Chipset where this chip is held in extremely high regard, especially the carefully selected S1 & S2 versions.

So perhaps, you can think of the KLEI Perfect Harmony RCA Plug just like the extremely highly regarded TDA1541A/S1 or TDA1541A/S2 (single/double crown – finely tuned TDA1541/TDA1541A), that is just like a very finely tuned KLEI Absolute Harmony RCA Plug 🙂


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  1. Experience a new dimension of Musical sound through the organic Realness/Rightness of KLEI Cables and Connectors 🙂

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