KLEI™Copper Harmony RCA Plug

KLEI™Copper Harmony RCA Plug


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AUDIOPHILES will be familiar with the Eichmann Bullet RCA plug with its single-point ground/return contact. Now Keith Louis, the man behind the original, has launched KLE Innovations to develop some new designs and projects.

The original Phono/RCA plug was designed over 60 years ago by The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and has become the standard connector in the audio and video industry, more by default than it being the best choice for its intended use. This led Keith Louis to undertake a project to redesign this important connector to improve conductivity, enhance signal integrity and generally provide a superior connection.

The second in the range of these new connectors is the Copper Harmony RCA plug. The signal and earth pins are copper/silver alloy (KLEI PureCopper™) and >101% IACS (a relative measure of conductivity by the international Annealed Copper Standard) for enhanced electron/energy flow or simply electro-magnetic flow.

The internal connections to these pins are now much stronger and are shaped like a tag to facilitate the soldering of small, large and multiple wire configurations. Furthermore, these internal connections have been arranged to maximise the distance from each other and have an anti-shorting shield to ensure that capacitive, inductive and EMF effects are minimised.

The head assembly structure has been redesigned to allow an easy snap-like connection to a standard RCA/Phono socket. Finally, the housing assembly, which is made from a high melting point thermoplastic polymer, uses two grub/set screws to retain and secure the cable in place. I can confirm that the internal solder tags are very easy to solder to and I really like the twin grub/set screw cable clamp.

These connectors are an excellent fit into the RCA/Phono sockets of my amplifier and make an instant perfect connection.

This product is really well made and excellent value for money… Neville Roberts, Hi-Fi Choice 🙂

I cannot recall my modestly priced hi-fi ever reproducing music with such clarity. Every instrument, every artist, every venue, every album, is being reproduced in a manner that would normally be attributed to spending thousands of dollars on significantly better components — not a $60 set of RCA plugs! Even my oldest recordings are revealing details I’ve never before heard. There is also a warmth that was previously missing, which is especially nice for digital playback, creating a more engaging rendition, with what appears to be a much larger “sweet spot” as a bonus… Steve Reeve 🙂


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  1. Experience a new dimension of Musical sound through the organic Realness/Rightness of KLEI Cables and Connectors 🙂

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