1/KLEI™Classic Harmony Binding Post

1/KLEI™Classic Harmony Binding Post


>> 1/KLEI™Classic Harmony Binding Post Reviews & Testimonys

>> KLEI Reviews & Testimonys


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I’m running what used to be referred to as a flat earth system but it ain’t flat no more. Spatial information that is in the record groove that the old LP12 retrieved was getting lost along the way to the loudspeakers old Linn Kans. The Linn Kans are quite old but since fitting KLEI Classic Harmony Binding Posts the sound has gotten bigger, more open, impeccable timing/PRaT, and now sound free flowing (so, PRaT is now PRaF – Pace, Rhythm, & Flow beyond Timing).

Can’t call them Binding Posts, they are more like Freeing Posts! Yes! they are more like Freeing Posts, than Binding Posts, in that the immediacy and flow just drew me in so much more than before. I’m so very impressed even after only 2 days of playtime and the sound further improved over time (ie burnin).

I started with the amp first, a little Naim NAP 140, and was wowed by how much better the KLEI Harmony Binding Posts were over the stock Naim ones. I then fitted the KLEI Harmony Binding Posts to the 2 external crossovers (ie external because I had thought of going active at one time) where each external crossover required 1 pair IN, and the resulting sound was better again. I then realized I had to do the Hi/Lo Binding Posts on the speakers which required a further 2 pair of KLEI Binding Posts per speaker, and the resulting sound was even better again.

Fitting the KLEI Harmony Binding Posts to amp, external crossovers, and speakers resulted in an amazing improvement in sound quality and realism, with excellent PRaT, noticeably better staging, and sense of depth and realism which I found highly addictive and cerebrally and emotionally engaging. It was definitely worth doing and worth every cent.

With the KLEI Harmony Binding Posts fitted, the amps job seems to be so much easier because the amp now has such a grip on the speakers where everything is tight and tuneful. If I could say that there was an area where the KLEI Binding Posts are lacking in anything… it would be the lack of phase distortion with no lag or smearing, and everything is sounding so very coherent. The KLEI Harmony Binding Posts just get out of the way and let the signal through.

Also, I’m running NAC A5 speaker cable fitted with the KLEI Classic Harmony Bananas and they are a big improvement over the Naim nickel bananas but that is another story to tell, very impressed!

The KLEI Classic Harmony Binding Posts are the best I have heard so far!
Highly Recommended!… AlasdairB 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. Experience a new dimension of Musical sound through the organic Realness/Rightness of KLEI Cables and Connectors 🙂

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