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KLEI™Classic Harmony Banana Connector/Adaptor

KLEI™Classic Harmony Banana Connector/Adaptor


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Virtually every other cable employs exactly the same conductors and configuration for the positive and negative parts of the design. The KLEI QSeries cable is fundamentally different in this regard with not just differing materials but also a visibly different cable architecture between positive and negative conductors.

Yet of all the points of difference, it’s the connectors used that appear to be the most significant contributor to the superior sound quality that our clients hear in their KLEI QSeries SCs. We introduced the KLEI Classic Harmony Banana in February 2018 – this was the first banana that I’ve ever found to make a significant and repeatable improvement to the sound quality of speaker cables. The magnitude of the upgrade made when I replaced the existing gold plated bananas on the SCs we use for demonstration was compelling.

The KLEI™PureQ Harmony banana is made in the same way as the KLEI™Classic Harmony banana – a flat thin section of sheet metal, rolled and folded in a precise origami-like fashion with a very simple red or black Housings. But like KL’s legendary Harmony and Eichmann Bullet RCA plugs, it’s the design and metallurgy that makes the difference to the end performance. He’s justified in not telling us exactly what is in there for obvious IP (Intellectual Property) reasons so outside of the silver finish we can only guess.

What I do know is that the KLEI Classic Harmony bananas sound great but the KLEI™PureQ Harmony banana is even better again and by a worthwhile margin. And it’s these bananas that feature on all the new speaker cables, with the exception of the entry level KLEI™QFLOW2 SCs. You cannot buy the PureQ banana separately.

The new range of speaker cables effectively replace all previous models. While evolutionary, the changes made to cables themselves when combined with the Classic and PureQ bananas deliver a big improvement and take all KLEI QSeries speaker cables to a level that very few other cables can match regardless of cost… John Ransley, Totally Wired 🙂

It took a while to bring the KLEI™Classic Harmony Banana to market but I have to award kudos to Keith Louis, and his team, for taking their time to “get it right”.

The KLEI™Classic Harmony Banana appear to allow every detail and nuance of the recording to be conveyed with amazing clarity and dexterity – something I have not observed to this level in any similar product.

They really are – the last thing you want at the end of your speaker cables!

I highly recommend this product!… Steve Reeve 🙂

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