KLEI zFLOW33 ICs – Discontinued

KLEI zFLOW33 ICs – Discontinued

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Review by Steve Reeve…


KLEI Story…

KLEI™zFLOW Architecture:…

Sound/Conclusion: It was very fitting that KL decided to give the KLEI™zFLOW cables their own name, since they clearly perform to a higher level of resolution than the KLEI™gZero product line. A very special achievement indeed.

How much better than the KLEI™gZero product line are they?

Well, if you already own the KLEI™gZero20 ICs and KLEI™gZero6 SCs combination, like myself, you may assess their initial performance to be marginal, but that is very dependent on the other system components, your ears and your listening space!

I was very fortunate in that the cables I auditioned had already undergone a long burn-in period, therefore new cables will require some >500 hours of burn-in! Even then, they will continue to improve over time… so give them adequate time!

Will they offer better performance on components of higher resolution? – undoubtedly!

On my system the improvements started out very subtle, but discernible and after a few days of settling, I found them immensely enjoyable. I also have a feeling they will continue to improve over time just as the KLEI™gZero products do.

Attempting to upgrade to cables having the capabilities of the KLEI™zFLOW product range from any other manufacturer will most certainly cost you considerably more and to be honest, I believe attempting to find better performing cables could prove to be a very time consuming lesson in futility.

Without a doubt, the KLEI™zFLOW product line is clearly KLEInnovations best performer (to date) and it deserves to be crowned as their new “Top Of The Line” without any reservations… that’s the opinion of this reviewer at least.

These cables don’t simply improve on metric performance, ie the dynamics, imaging, the clarity etc, they provided an astonishing level of refinement and allowed my system to convey the most realistic performance I have heard to date.

They achieve a very life-like reality 🙂 … SR

Approach: The KLEI™zFLOW architecture, like the KLEI™gZero architecture, dynamically works to further, and even more effectively, maintain a zero voltage Low Noise/Ground state, which is utilised and implemented…

  • in a manner to dynamically enhance electron flow in the Signal conductor.
  • to protect the Signal from capacitive, inductive, EMF, EF, EFI, RF, static charges, and other effects.
  • to facilitate a smooth uninterrupted signal flow from one component to another, effectively isolating and allowing them to perform their task without interference.


  • KLEI Absolute®Harmony Phono/RCA Plugs
  • KL’s zFLOW technology/architecture
  • KL’s zFLOW Signal/Ground Formula

Recommendations: depending on the audio system…

  • Burn-in Time: >750hrs and preferably >950hrs
  • Settling Time: >96hrs and preferably >120hrs (once unplugged and replugged)

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