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KLEI gPower2 AC power cable

KLEI gPower2 AC power cable

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KLEI gPOWER2 AC power cable


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More contemporary audiophile numbers were brought to the altar and these by now were just sublime. Because, as with all KLEI products, they benefit from settling time. The purity of vocals and the bass definition reached new heights. The resolving power of my system got better and better. Not clinical, no glare, no overt detail, just purity and cohesive balance and texture, in harmony.

I’m now a believer in power cables. One caveat, I might add is that there does seem to be a synergy, when two or three of these cables are put into the chain. An ethereal balance that doesn’t cost that much, when compared to some of the other cables that I have tried, that didn’t turn me into a believer… SU 🙂 🙂 🙂


  • Employs the gPOWER™ architecture to simultaneously and dynamically protect the Live conductor from Power Supply pulse surges, Hysteresis loss, Capacitive, Inductive, EMF, EF, EFI, RF, and Static effects and maintain a low noise, but responsive, AC flow.
  • The gPOWER™ technology endeavours to facilitate a smooth uninterrupted AC flow to the component, allowing it to perform its designed task more efficiently and without interference.


  • Proprietary spec’d IEC and AC Plugs
  • Proprietary gPOWER2™ technology/architecture
  • Proprietary mathematical modeling is utilised to produce the gPOWER2™ neutral/ground to live pin relationship, parameters, and determines the metallurgical processes that are used.


  • Burn-in Time: >100hrs and even >300hrs
  • Settling Time: >1hr and preferably >24hrs (once unplugged and replugged)

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  1. Realize the Organic Realness in the Musical experience, with KLEI 🙂

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