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KLEI Pure®Harmony Phono/RCA plugs by Steve Reeve (Fine Art)

KLEI Pure®Harmony Phono/RCA plugs by Steve Reeve (Fine Art)

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a chance to become accustomed to the tonal qualities of the KLEI Silver®Harmony RCA Plugs that were installed on my Stager Silver Solids Interconnects for the KLEI Silver®Harmony RCA Plug Review, but those interconnects were now the pipeline from my Simaudio Moon LP 5.3 RS phono stage to my Naim 5i integrated amp, the source being a modified Denon DL103 cartridge attached to an Audiomods Classic tonearm having a one piece silver litz cable.

As such, I have come to appreciate their extraordinary abilities of these RCA connectors, which includes extremely fast response to not only very fast highs generated by percussive instruments such as cymbals and tambourines, but also their superb control of bass details such as those generated by pipe organs and synthesizers.

Also, the image that the KLEI Silver®Harmony RCA Plugs convey is wide, deep and very precise. But perhaps the best quality of all – they are very “spacious”.

What do I actually mean by “spacious”? – In this case, it’s the ability to convey the space around the musicians and the subtle reflections of sounds from of their instruments within the recording venue.

The KLEI Pure®Harmony RCA Plug represents the pinnacle of the KLEInnovations(KLEI) Harmony®Plug range of RCA connectors and as such, should provide the best performance.

RCA KLEI Pure Harmony Plug 110x110 Their appearance is almost identical to the KLEI Copper®Harmony and KLEI Silver®Harmony RCA Plugs except for the mauve colour of the KLEI Logo stamped on the collar. But inside, the centre pin and neutral pins are made of solid silver in accordance with KL’s Pure Silver Signal/Ground formula, giving them an IACS conductivity rating of 106%.

But I still had to wonder, after becoming accustomed to the already exceptional performance of the KLEI Silver®Harmony RCA Plugs which, due too its solid silver neutral conductor and the extra thick silver plating on the copper centre pin, has the same 106% rating. Exactly what was left to improve upon?

Thanks to the guys at KLEInnovations(KLEI), they had saved me considerable time by sending a set of KLEI Pure®Harmony RCA Plug which had already undergone the 150-200 hours burn-in normally required from new, so that period of time had now been reduced to around 24 hours hours.

Whilst waiting for the RCA’s to arrive I had selected several albums from my collection of vinyl which I thought might best demonstrate the improvements the Pure®Harmony RCA Plug should bring to the party.

Since KLEInnovations(KLEI) is located in the “Land of Aus” (Oz) (aka Australia), what better album to select than Business as Usual by Men at Work. The sound engineering on this album is superb. Details, such as the high frequency edginess of the the Sax and the crispness of the drums and guitar work to the more subtle changes in the textures of the various bass lines on the various tracks made it a very good album for the evaluation.

In very simple terms…

Everything got bigger, faster and cleaner!

The bass line now had added detail and texture, the cymbals were crisper and fuller, the mids were warmer, the dynamics were faster and the image just seemed more complete. There was an added “punch” to both the percussion and also to the hammering of the very muted guitar strings. Lastly, the vocal detailing is now very clear and very well isolated within the recording.


Well, as I said above, while waiting for the KLEI Pure®Harmony RCA Plug I wondered just what improvements would they provide. Was it going to be a serious case of “diminishing returns”?

The improvements I witnessed between my identical interconnects, one set with the KLEI Silver®Harmony RCA Plug and the second with the KLEI Pure®Harmony RCA Plug was immediately noticeable. Improvements in dynamics, clarity, image and bass extension, with a new “fullness” to the reproduction and a new “reality” in the performance.

I’ve experimented with cables of several types over the years and used a variety of connectors, including the Silver Bullet, which I had rated very highly.

Then KL (Keith Louis Eichmann) requested I try his new KLEI Copper®Harmony RCA Plug which performed even better. The KLEI Silver ®Harmony RCA Plug again proved to be a significant improvement over the KLEI Copper®Harmony, but the level of performance the KLEI Pure®Harmony RCA Plug has achieved is the new benchmark in RCA connector performance.

Achieving this level of performance simply with an RCA connector may sound unbelievable, almost “magical” and in my mind, makes the team at KLEInnovations(KLEI)… “The Wizards of Aus

If you like to dabble with making your own interconnect cables, then the KLEI Harmony®Plug range of products are designed to fit your budget and perform exceedingly well

The one thing the KLEI Harmony®Plug range is not… Pretentious!

There is no gold or rhodium plating, no carbon fibre casing, no cryo treatment

If you are after looks – select another product

But… If you want a serious product capable of the ultimate in RCA performance…

KLEI Pure®Harmony Phono/RCA Plug… pure genius, pure performance, pure magic!


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