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KLEI gZero/zFLOW/zPurity ICs

KLEI gZero/zFLOW/zPurity ICs

KLEI™gZero/zFLOW/zPurity ICs

A New Revolution By KL (Keith Louis Eichmann)

The Keith Louis Eichmann Innovations/KLEInnovations KLEI™gZero/zFLOW/zPurity cable range are the evolutionary/revolutionary development of KL’s Quiessence™ speaker and interconnects cables which are the result of over thirty years of dedicated research by designer KL (Keith Louis Eichmann). They represent the logical extension of his work on the interaction between ground and signal carrying conductors, and elevate the concepts behind the patented GnC™ and Eichmann Ratio™ to a dramatically new level.

The new KLEI™gZero/zFLOW/zPurity cable designs employ KL’s new gZero™/gZEROs™/zFLOW™/zPurity™ architecture, which are an evolution/revolution of his previous Ground Nulling Circuitry (GnC™), to reduce and control the effects of the Ground on the Signal, and to simultaneously use the Ground to protect the Signal from external interferences such as EFI, EMF, RF, and static charges.

KL’s research has produced a proprietary gZero™/gZEROs™/zFLOW™/zPurity™ architecture which dynamically works to maintain a zero voltage Low Noise/Ground state which is utilised to protect the Signal from capacitive, inductive, EMF, EF, EFI, and other effects. This facilitates smooth uninterrupted signal flow from one component to another, effectively isolating them and allowing them to perform their task without interference.

In stark contrast, Cable manufacturers industry wide essentially have the same stated goals. Most feel that a key aspect in reaching these goals relates to how inductive and capacitive reactances are dealt with. They spend development time and money addressing issues of capacitance and inductance in cables, and (using language from their literature) by Controlling/Balancing/Reducing one/both/all. They build their marketing and technical stories around whichever approach they have taken; they write about it at length, and emphasize the uniqueness of their design direction.

Invariably they focus on the signal carrying conductor, and manipulate variables such as the size and shape of the conductor, its configuration, the conductivity of various materials, the purity of the conductor, the kind and quality of the dielectric. Some place networks in the signal path to compensate.

The bottom line is that, generally, all other cable manufacturers have been looking for solutions in different places.

KLEI™gZero/gZEROs/zFLOW/zPurity Architecture

In accordance with KL’s Signal/Ground Formula, the KLEI™gZero/gZEROs/zFLOW/zPurity architecture is comprised of hand wound conductors, and implemented in a manner to dynamically enhance electron flow in the Signal conductor, without the use of electronic components. It requires precise calculation, hours of hand fabrication, and several days of run-in on a professional cable burner. Each successive model in the KLEI™gZero/zFLOW/zPurity cable range, utilizes a progressively more complex and sophisticated cable architecture, employing varying combinations of multiple neutral/ground conductors, constructed from ultra high conductivity copper and/or silver, to achieve cumulative performance improvements with each successive model.

The KLEI™gZero/gZEROs/zFLOW/zPurity architecture is an extension/extrapolation of the design principles utilized in the KLEI™Harmony RCA Plugs, which itself is one of the most radical approaches ever undertaken in RCA connector design. Unlike other manufacturers who typically design their products to have identical characteristics between the Ground and the Signal, in the KLEI™gZero/zFLOW/zPurity cable range, KL has undertaken a Revolutionary approach, where he has designed a calculated and purposeful difference between the two. Also, the KLEI™gZero/zFLOW/zPurity cable range utilises KL’s revolutionary KLEI™Harmony RCA Plugs which is a dramatic further improvement/extension of his legendary Bullet plug technology, innovation, and design.

There is an unmistakable parallel between KLEI™gZero/gZEROs/zFLOW/zPurity technology as implemented in the cables and the approach taken in the connectors. The KLEI™gZero/gZEROs/zFLOW/zPurity technology realises a synergy that produces exceptionally/shockingly better performance especially when combined with the KLEI™Harmony RCA Plugs.

The KLEI™gZero/gZEROs/zFLOW/zPurity technology is proprietary and we employ very/extremely high purity Copper wire (OFHC, Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper, and/or higher), and/or very/extremely high purity Silver wire, in all our KLEI™gZero/zFLOW/zPurity cable range.

The KLEI™gZero/zFLOW/zPurity cables are designed and manufactured by Keith Louis Eichmann Innovations/KLEInnovations/KLEI Australia.

Burnin/Cooking Time

We believe that the Burnin/Cooking process can be thought of as an extension/finishing of the Annealing process 🙂

This is a practice that can dramatically/drastically improve performance and has been gaining acceptance from HiFi enthusiasts 🙂 Usually, any listener will be able to identify a marked change/improvement in audio component performance within the first 100 or more hours of use, whether it be a cable, connector, component or loudspeaker.

Burnin/Cooking time is the process whereby electrical signal/charge gradually settles/corrects/aligns dielectric, electromagnetic, and material (metal and non-metal) issues that occur/result during the construction process. These aspects are often and usually found in Cables/Connectors and usually results in a brittle, bright, muddy, non-cohesive sound that lacks the Detail, Resolution, Timbre, PRaT, Harmonic Texture, Organicness, Naturalness, and Staging which is desired for music reproduction. Burnin/Cooking Time improves the way that signal passes through the conductors and dielectrics and it is the resulting changes in signal transmission that refines and defines the performance of the audio cables.

While it is most important to implement Burnin/Cooking Time, upon purchase, routine maintenance is always important, also. Cables/Connectors that have not been played, or left unused, for long/prolonged periods of time, may become stagnant and again require Burnin/Cooking Time.

Settling Time

Settling Time is the continuous playing time since the ICs have been reconnected/replugged, after the ICs have been unconnected/unplugged between 2 components, then reconnected.

Vigorously moving/bending the ICs may even require a fresh period of Settling Time.

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